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Eagle Wing Design

What we do?

Support and design in any segment of the electronics industry, promoting what's most current in MCU's, ARM's and Core in general.
Fully integrated with the customers and franchises involved.

Professional in electronic projects and support


Our challenge is to bring to our clients and partners all the necessary support in designing, designing, implementing and managing projects and R & D. Offering the latest and most advanced technology and science in both hardware and software.


Throughout EWD's work with its clients and partners, we have been able to develop expertise in various segments and areas of work. By becoming a fundamental partner, there are those who seek optimized and proficient solutions, without ever neglecting the costs and profits of the companies involved.
Activities are developed through technical consultancies, engineering services and / or development, depending on the needs of our clients and partners.





The research and development carried out today at EWD is derived from the intellectual capital of those involved. To this is added an experience of its members in more than 02 decades in the semiconductor industry The capacity to develop projects of technological products derives from the composition of intangible assets of the company. Among them, the ability to generate networks of knowledge and to foster manufacturers / company relations and the capacity for deep and constant research stand out.

Concern about applying consistent, feasible solutions, more than a standard becomes an EWD goal.
Innovative, competitive and efficient solutions in all aspects.